The Scientific Journal of Cihan University – Sulaimanyia (SJCUS) is a Semi-Annually International Journal Published in three Languages: English, Arabic, and Kurdish.

About The Scientific Journal of Cihan University – Sulaimanyia: 


It is a scientific periodical referred journal, Issued by Cihan- Sulaimanyia Private University. Sulaimanyia – Kurdistan Region – Iraq.

This journal is peer reviewed Semi-annual (Bi Annual ) publishing two times per year ( late of Jun – late of December)

Issued by Ministerial Decree No.9967 0f 18/7/2017AD, for the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research – Kurdistan Region- Iraq- specified for The Scientific Journal of Cihan University – Sulaimanyia.

This journal publishes scientific research in ​​Kurdish, Arabic, and English languages that contain the original scientific research standards in any of administrative, economic, accounting, legal, computing, technological, engineering, and the related fields. The journal accepts research that meets the following requirements and standards:

First: The research falls within the specific concerns of the journal.

Second: It should conform the regulations and standards adopted by the journal.

Third: The researcher should sign the Promissory Note and Declaration adopted by the Journal. (Declaration form is available on the website of the journal).



ISSN 2520-7377 (Online), ISSN 2520-5102 (Print)                                       

DOI Prefix : 10.25098


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